General Investing Strategy

Our general investing strategy is medium term – 1 week to 3 months. We aren’t day-trading, nor looking for long-term investments. Operationally, we strive to spend 15-30 minutes per evening prior to days when the market is open reviewing existing investments and searching for new ones.

Factors considered when searching for an investment:

  • Technical indicators:
  • Insider trading (what company insiders are doing as reported to the SEC)
  • Movement of industry group
  • Fundamental analysis (company financial statements)
  • News

Fortunately much of this can now be automated, summarized, and most importantly, searched for. We pay around $50/month for an online service to supply this data. Most of the above information for any given stock are typically available for free from sites like Rather than advertise here any particular paid service, if you want to know who we use, feel free to email and ask.

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